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Payments meets advertising

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1-click commerce

Advertisers can now sell securely anywhere on the Internet, without requiring usernames or passwords.


Each SmartAd is an extension of the advertiser's ecommerce platform. SmartAds transform each banner ad into the advertiser's pop-up store.

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Customers checkout with 1-click. Payment is processed through the advertiser's existing payment processor.

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No more usernames and passwords. Customers can pay with 1-click anywhere on the Internet.


Patented security methods. Advertisers can either store card numbers in our free PCI Level 1 vault or continue to use their own vault.


Checkouts happen on the advertiser's existing payment processor. No apps, no extra registrations required.

Hook up your ecommerce system

Plugins available for

Bring your own payment processor

Some supported processors include

Amplify ecommerce on any ad server

Here are a few of our favorites


Hook up your existing payment processor to SmartAd APIs and amplify your ecommerce.


Create a pop-up ecommerce store on a publisher's site. Increase site traffic by turning any publisher's site into your ecommerce site.


Customers can buy from any ad with 1-click. Checkouts reflected on the advertiser's payment systems.

Smart Catalog

Connect advertiser's product catalog. SmartAd's AI generates creatives of all sizes and embeds 1-click checkout for any ad server.

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Smart Creatives

Turn any ad, social feed, comment or email into a 1-click checkout ready pop-up store. Advertisers can now sell to new and existing consumers on any channel.

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1-Click Checkout Ready Ad

When a consumer clicks a SmartAd they are able to instantly complete a secure checkout. No download or registration required. Works on any device.

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360 Degree Attribution

A single system manages creatives, ads, campaigns, checkout, orders and payment. Advertisers have full visibility over the entire ad-to-order lifecycle.

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Amplify Return on Ad Spend


Provide complete commerce solutions for advertisers. Manage multiple sales and ad channels.

Ecommerce Platforms

Take the hassle out of advertising and payments. Allow retailers to run campaigns, acquire and reacquire sales.


Offer full suite solutions. Make retailers more competitive.

3% fee per successful checkout

You only pay when a SmartAd converts into a sale.

Smart Campaign Manager

  • Ad catalog hosting
  • Ad server integration
  • Campaign manager
Omni-channel campaigns

SmartAd Catalog

Free Yearly
  • 3,000 SKUs included for free
  • Multi-product SmartAds
  • 24 creatives per SKU
AI generated creatives

Smart Checkout

$.02 Checkout
  • PCI Level 1 card vaulting
  • 150 payment processors supported
  • Auth, capture, return, refund and fraud control
  • Payment APIs, hosted checkout, checkout plugins available
Global support

Get set, go!

Stop wasting money on ordinary ads. Increase sales with SmartAds and start accepting payments in minutes.

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